April 28, 2011

I want to board a horse....

April 20, 2011

Mini-Men SOLD!

Congratulations to Darlene

As we downsize in preparation for a move, we have decided to offer these two handsome little men for sale. Free lease will also be considered on a case by case basis.

Treasure is a registered miniature horse. He was born in 1996, and has been trained to
ride and pull a cart. He was also trained to play the guitar and was on TV back in the day....He has toted Randi around in several Leadline classes. He is a special part of our family, and must go to a very special home. He has been to local schools promoting equine interests, hosted visitors for County Farm and Family tours, participated in the Annual Spotsylvania Holiday Parade, and participated in fundraisers for our local extension office....he's a go to guy, and we are so lucky to have shared our home with him!

Dually is unregistered and younger than Treasure. They are BFFs! Dually has also participated in the Annual Spotsylvania Holiday Parade, but prefers to be the homemaker in this relationship.

I have a CART & HARNESS appropriate for pleasure or show to add into this package deal, as well as various OTHER TACK & EQUIPMENT.

Both are scheduled for spring vaccinations and coggins tests on May 13th.

Both are scheduled for the farrier on April 22nd.

Both are schedule for a bodyclip on TBD

These guys have been nothing but spoiled while with us, but they have not had any extensive work to do in over a year off since my daughter graduated up to a full size horse...if you would like more information, please email (leahroehl@yahoo.com) or call (540-841-7868).

Pics below and VIDEO HERE.

Asking 2K for package deal.

Happy Trails,

April 06, 2011

Acknowledging the "Middle Child"

The Little Brat may be stuck smack dab in the middle of her daddy's 5 punks, but she'll always be my first born! Over the past year, this kid has been more generous and helpful than I could have ever imagined she would be when the twins arrived on April Fools Day in 2010. The truth is, she adores them....and they adore her! In this shot, she is waiting patiently as I get the punks ready for their 1 year glamour shots....she helped get the breakfast, get them changed, get them dressed, and keep them entertained while I got myself ready.....not sure what I would ever do without her extra set of tiny little hands! Hugs and kisses to my best good Randi....


April 05, 2011

Twice Upon a Time...Glamour Shots @ 1year!

We went to The Picture People for some milestone pictures of the punks on their 1 year birthday this past weekend...enjoy!

Happy Faces,


April 01, 2011

April Fools: Sophie & CJ!

Happy Birthday Punks!

Sophie and CJ turned 1 year old on April 1st....hard to believe how quickly time passes! My camera broke some time ago, but I made a special trip to Best Buy just for this occasion....couldn't let this important day go by without lots and lots of pictures to share with our friends and family!

I offer to you, a day in the life of my April Fools....good morning punks! Time for breakfast!

...and just like that, it's time for a nap. These kids are regimented!

..but after their nap they were all sorts of excited to get dressed up for their formal 1 yr photo session. Clean clothes, check! Combed hair, check! Let's go!

...they are just about grown out of their carriers now....over 20 lbs each! Official measurements coming next week after their checkup.

We made an appointment at the Spotsylvania Mall to see 'The Picture People'....

They got us in and out in grat time and captured some really timeless pictures....I'll share those in a separate post....stay tuned!

Then, it was back to the house where cake and gifts were waiting...

Note the dolphins and whale in the background. When Randi turned 1, she got a princess on a horse. These interesting doohicky's balance on a thin base with a counterweight that hangs below them....in honor of the tradition, we got Sophie and CJ something similar....something they can keep for many years to come and possibly even pass down to their punks in 100 yrs or so.....

Katie and Tyler were able to join us for the occasion, which was a real treat! Randi, Sophie, and CJ ADORE their big brother and sister!

CJ made no hesitation when his cake was placed in front of him....he dug right in!

Sophie, on the other hand, was much more proper about it all...."just look at my kid brother over there making such a mess....ugh"

But she did finally give in to temptation and tested the creamy yumminess...

...and they even shared a little....awwwwwwwww

...food fight!

...and then it all came to an abrupt end.....enough was enough.....there is such thing as too much of a good thing after all....

So, we moved onto presents! Nothing big...a farm house with animals from Katie and Tyler...

Seahorses that light up and play songs for bed time from Gma Kathy...

...and they actually enjoyed the cards too.....they'll grow out of that, I'm sure!

Mommy and Dady got them talking balls and soft stackable blocks....

...and then it was PLAY TIME! Yeah!

A day to remember at the end of a year to remember....I love my punks!

Stay tuned for their 'studio' shots in the next day or two....in addition to that, I got some great video of our little party too....will work on getting that uploaded before the end of the week....

Happy Families!