November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Greetings from California!

Our family has arrived safe and sound in Redding, Ca. We have had a wonderful visit with family and friends so far, and I can't wait to post the full update WITH PICS upon our return!

...the massive plate of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roll, and salad I ate this evening were simply superfab! Now, I must retire to the couch to process all that, along with the additional 4 pieces of apple pie I have consumed since. Hey, they were SMALL pieces...

Happy Trails,

November 16, 2009

The winds of change are upon us...

....and there is no fighting the force!

With heavy hearts, we have decided to close the barn doors at Westwood for full-care boarding...we have experienced a cycle year after year where good stable help can only be depended on from 2-4 months...after the first month, they start to get lazy...then they get complacent....then they quit....we fill the gap until more help comes on board...they start off with a bang...then get lazy....then get complacent....then quit....the cycle just repeats over and over and over again....The difference this time around is that we do not have the time or physical capability to fill the 'gaps' anymore...with my growing belly, and JR's working hours, we just can't get it all done.....So, we made the announcement a couple weeks ago to our of December 1st, we are down to our horses and a couple field boarders...

Additionally, I have accepted a new position with a small company that offers me the greatest (and most challenging) opportunity I have been given in my career...I gave notice last week and am excited for the transition!

My college courses are coming along well...straight A's so far...I've submitted a request to VA to extend the delimiting date on my benefits, but am less stressed about making payments on the remainder of my degree new company has agreed to cover the entire expense of my education...I am SO grateful!

Finally, my belly is showing, the Little Brat is growing, and the old man is all-knowing! That about wraps up this update....

I'd love to share a shot of LB at her very first recital this weekend, but our internet connection is NOT took me a week just to get this post online!!! grrrrr

Have a great week!

Happy Trails,

November 11, 2009

Warning: Adult Content!

I kinda wish I had gotten that warning. Yes, indeed I remembered to show up to jury selection...and lo and behold, I was even selected! Of course I was...

I won't go into it all, but I thought you might enjoy this little nugget...a highlight of the days festivities, if you went something like this:

  • Attorney: Can you tell us what you witnessed on that day?

  • Witness: Yes. The defendant was driving beside me on the left. He honked his horn, which caught my attention, causing me to look in his direction. At that time, I witnessed the defendant whip out his *edited* and stroke it.
....later that day as my fellow jurors and I sit down to deliberate....the awkward silence is palpable....I'm thinking to myself, "Seriously? We have to TALK about this?"...yes, we did.

  • Foreman: Well, I'll begin by saying I drive that stretch of road daily, and it's dangerous enough what with people using cell phones. He could have really caused a lot of trouble doing........THAT.

  • Me: I agree. He could have caused an accident. You know what they say....

....all eyes are now on me, waiting for something enlightening or intellectual, I'm sure....but YOU know me better than that ;)

  • Me: I mean, he could have gone BLIND!

....the 'ice' was broken....

I just don't know WHY I can't partake in one single event or activity in my life without something completely out of the ordinary occurring...Assault, burglary, or any of the multitude of other 'standard' cases would have been just fine...but noooooooooooooooooooo, I get hear all about the guy who can't keep his floppy-joe in his pants....sigh. Such is my life.

Happy Jury Duty!


November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Marines!

Lookin' pretty good for 234!

Semper Fi,

Leah (Formerly: Sgt, USMC)

November 08, 2009

Random Short Story, by LB...

..who doesn't love silly stories with breakfast?

She's full of these little gems...

Happy Trails,


November 03, 2009

The Artist, formerly known as Randi Mae...

The Little Brat's been taking piano lessons once a week for a couple months now...tonight was her first solo! Witness, 'Hot Cross Buns'....her execution was PERFECT...However, the teacher threw a curve ball at her at the end when she asked her to play 'Froggies on a Lilly Pad'...they just learned that one...still, I was impressed she knew the whole first half...we'll get those last few notes next week ;) Enjoy!

Happy Harmony,


November 02, 2009

It's official...I'M CERTIFIABLE!

FREDERICKSBURG, VA 1 November 2009 – We are pleased to announce that Leah Roehl, CPLP has earned the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance™ (CPLP) credential from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) Certification Institute. Earning the CPLP™ credential means Leah Roehl, CPLP possesses the knowledge and skills to be a top performer in the workplace learning and performance field.

Becoming a CPLP enhances a professional’s reputation by recognizing that they have an overall understanding of the nine areas of expertise for workplace learning and performance as defined by the ASTD Competency Model™, and can apply this knowledge in the workplace. In general, credentials benefit individuals by providing a roadmap for professional development, enhancing earning potential, and broadening career opportunities.

To earn the CPLP certification Leah Roehl acquired industry-related experience, successfully passed a knowledge-based examination, and submitted a work product that met performance standards. “The CPLP certification process is rigorous and it produces candidates with a breadth of knowledge that brings significant benefit to their employers, colleagues and clients,” says Jennifer Naughton, ASTD’s Director of Credentialing. “Employing CPLP credential holders brings respect to an organization’s training function and ensures successful learning programs,” she adds.

“As the association dedicated to the workplace learning and performance profession, ASTD is at the forefront providing information on the critical skills and abilities that practitioners must have to succeed in the field,” says Tony Bingham, President of the ASTD Certification Institute. “The CPLP credential was built to provide workplace learning professionals a tool with which to increase their knowledge, competence and confidence while proving their value to employers,” he notes.

More information about the CPLP program may be found at Additional questions should be directed to:
About ASTD and the ASTD Certification InstituteASTD is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals. ASTD started 1944 when the organization held its first annual conference.To support members’ ongoing development in the field, ASTD formed the ASTD Certification Institute to take the lead in setting professional industry standards. The ASTD Certification Institute certifies professionals through the CPLP credential.
So, I'm pretty happy about was about a year long process...definately a milestone in my professional development...Now, on to my PMP ;) know I am incapable of resting for long!
Happy Trails,