August 22, 2012

Beautiful People: Brittany Sinden & Bubbly Babes!

Took some pics last night for a good friend (and former 4-H member)...she is such a great mom and is raising 2 precious proud of her! I am no professional, but photo ops like these allow me to keep my right and left brain in much fun! Thanks for letting me shoot you, Brittany Sinden!

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August 21, 2012

Adventures in Academia: 2nd Grade!

My Little Brat started 2nd grade today....this quote best describes her mindset:
"I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught." -Winston Churchill

Seems like just yesterday I was sending her off on her first day of 1st grade......and not so long ago Kindergarten was the big hooplah! It won't be long till Sophie and CJ follow in her steps and head down the education highway as well...sigh.
Happy Trails,

August 07, 2012

PRICE REDUCED: We have updated our listing!

Listed at $799,900.00.
We have reduced our price to much less than what we now have into this fine property....our loss is your gain! We are motivated and ready to negotiate! Please call for an appt. to see your new home!

Westwood is one of the original Plantations located on Guinea Station Road, as seen on the Virginia Civil War Trails Map and Guide, Antebellum Homes (Stonewall Jackson Shrine).

Westwood is situated on 65 acres of lush Spotsylvania countryside. It is one of the original Historic Plantations located on Guinea Station Road, and the second oldest in the county. The original home was built in 1818, with a small office and kitchen added in the early 1900's. This home has been witness to many decades of war, prosperity and family. This home was restored about 30 years ago. Additionally, the home and facilities have been lovingly restored over the past 2 years to include a new kitchen, master bathroom, office, and more!

Westwood is located on historic Guinea Station Road. During a night reconnaissance at Chancellorsville on May 2nd, 1863, Stonewall Jackson was wounded by his own men. While being carried from the field, he was dropped on his wounded arm, and he lost around half of his blood as a result. His left arm was amputated, and Jackson was sent by ambulance down Guinea Station Road to the Chandler House, where he spent his final days. Gaze from the front stoop out to what must have only been a dusty country lane and you can almost see the dust cloud left trailing behind Stonewall’s ambulance. If you close your eyes, and listen to the distant whistle of the passing train, you can imagine yourself back in that time, where Westwood stood witness to this historic event.

Westwood is ready to offer you many years of quality country living without sacrificing the comfort of modern conveniences and location. Simplify your life, and build your own history with this endearing Spotsylvania gem.

Westwood has undergone caring continuous improvements from 2007 to date. The land has been cleared and cultivated, the home has been remodeled, and the facilities have been upgraded. New roofing, support structures, septic system, and weather proofing will help ensure Westwood stands for another 100 years!

Beyond the standard conveyances (i.e. appliances, ceiling fans, washer/dryer, etc.), Westwood offers all the equipment and supplies you need to either run your very own equestrian business, or pamper your own ponies in private!

Thinking of sub dividing? We've already documented the process our realtor for more information?

Westwood boasts about 40 acres of Orchard Grass hay fields. How about those hay fields? We have documented both the soil and forage maintenance process for you, as well as identified key local farmers to help you, if necessary.

Westwood has been in "Land-Use" status for many years. This status was just revalidated for 2011.

Westwood isn’t just a charming home on a gorgeous piece of land, it is also an income producing property! Consider this unique opportunity to run your very own boarding, training, and/or horse show business. The earning potential is endless!

Westwood is currently operating as a horse boarding business and frequently hosts horse shows and clinics for various state associations.

Westwood averages a gross income of MORE THAN $4500 per month between 2007 and 2010.

What I love about Westwood is the safe, quiet, relaxed, environment. Also, the ability to work my horses year-round! ~Leah Roehl, Owner

What I love about Westwood is the escape Westwood provides from my daily grind in corporate America! ~John Roehl, Owner

What I love about Westwood is playing in the mud, catching Fairy Flies, riding horses with my mom, swimming gin the water troughs, and jumping on round bales! ~Randi Roehl, Owner

What I love about Westwood is working in the garden! ~ Kathy Diggins, Gma & House Guest

What I love about Westwood is the facility has everything to offer and for any style of riding. In addition to that the place is picture perfect!~Corrie Watson, Boarder

What I love about Westwood is the relaxing peace and quiet to ride and spend time with your horse to lose all the stress and just relax!~Ginny Johnson, Boarder

Westwood is the answer to my prayers and I am grateful to you and the rest of the Westwood family! ~Susan Wood, Boarder

If you would like to view a virtual tour of Westwood, click on one of the links provided below:



Nearby points of interest:
The Spotsylvania Technology Center & New I95 Interchange (3 miles away)

The Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center (3 miles away)

River Run Mixed Use Development (3 miles away)

Cosner's Corner Shopping Complex (3 miles away)

Please contact our realtor for more information, or to schedule a showing!
Randy Walther, Realtor
Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia
RE/MAX Bravo