May 31, 2010

My Dad, My Hero...

I never knew my father, but know he served this nation unselfishly as a Navy Seal......he succumbed to cancer following exposure during his active duty to Agent Orange when I was barely one. When I find it difficult to accept his sacrifice, and the void it has left in my life, I just pause to think of all the others who have endured...and all those who will...and find solace in the fact I am the daughter of a thoughts and prayers are with all our service men and and always...lest we forget.

First Horse Show of the Season!

With clipped, bathed, and polished horse in hand we trekked our way across the county to our first horse show of the year! The Little Brat was anxious to try her hat at western this year, so she got a fancy outfit and saddle to match for her birthday last month (pictured below)....

She really likes all the bling on this set...such a ham! Bo was as wonderful as ever and toted her around like the old pro he is...the trail course on Saturday was a winding twisting path over numerous was easy to lose your way, but LB stayed the course....mostly!

The pair did well enough to bring home a 3rd in Walk Pleasure (judged on the horse), a 2nd in Walk Equitation (judged on the rider), and a 5th in trail....there were 8 riders in her division under the age of 10 and she ultimately brought home the reserve championship this day!

On the second day of the show, she decided to forgo her new western outfit for english real's a woman's prerogative I suppose! In this trail class, she had to perform a stop and back maneuver on her way back to the gate...anyone that has been on the homeward stretch of any journey can attest to the compulsion NOT to stop when you are almost done....keeping that in mind, I was very pleased with LB's sheer determination to halt that pony and make him back up anyways!!!

..and when Bo behaves for LB, there's plenty of pony luv to be had!

On this day (Day 2) she brought home a 4th in Walk Pleasure and ...drumroll please.....a 1st in Walk Equitation!!!! I was so proud of the kid...she showed at her best for sure...heels down, thumbs up, happy face and all...Her placings were good enough for a second consecutive reserve division championship!

Here is Bo enjoying some down time on the trailer in his happy front of the feed bag...that is my young mare (Fancy) keeping him company...I brought her along for the experience and got some time in the saddle myself after the brats classes were's been TOO LONG..I am very sore, and really don't recall having so many 'jiggly parts' the last time I rode....sigh

This show series is good family fun though, and that's why we keep is a daughter taking her Dad on a ride aboard her prized mule...that mule kicks some horsey booty! Seriously!

Here's a shot of the brat with all her loot....funny thing is, the ribbon she loved the most was the lowest placing one of them all...5th place...the PINK one...figures!

Happy Trails!

May 28, 2010

I gave birth to a Cupie!

See "Cupie" below....random tufts of hair, raised eyebrows, drooping cheeks...

The resemblance is uncanny!

I suppose if your child is going to resemble a child's doll, better a Cupie than Mr. Potatoehead!
Happy Trails,

May 27, 2010

Looking Back...

As each day passes and the punks grow bigger and stronger, I find myself reminiscing about when the Little Brat was younger, smaller, and yet just as sassy...I came across some video that was taken when she was about 7 months and 3 years old...she has always been a joker, as captured in these clips...I dare you not to smile....Enjoy!

Silly Baby at Bathtime:

Silly Toddler Learning to Drive (Part 1):
Alternate Title: I'M DONE!

Silly Toddler Learning to Drive (Part 2):
Alternate Title- I'M GOING BACKWARDS!

SIGH...they grow up too fast, ya know?

Happy Families,

Randi's First Ballet Recital: VIDEO

I finally got video of Randi's first ballet recital uploaded...enjoy!
PS...she's the first one out ;)

Happy Trails,

Couch Potatoes...

Happy Trails,

The B League...

JR plays softball for his corporate team...he normally plays shortstop, but was a little sore and worn from the game last week so he opted for third base today...

The whole crew was there to show their support! I think the ole' man had the biggest cheering section there :)
He even made it 'slowly' around the bases a few times...way to go Daddy!

In the end they came up short in points, however, everyone seemed to have a good time...Hope they have another early game so we can go again! I feel so accomplished when I see other people being all 'sporty' I am athletic through osmosis or something...My exercise is limited to changing diapers, burping, and bottle feeding these days!
Happy Trails,

May 20, 2010

Getting the Garden Started..

Gma Kathy and the Little Brat got started planting the raised beds in the garden this week...this is one of the Little Brat's absolute FAVORITE things to do with Gma Kathy! We are scaling back a bit from the massive amounts of food we produced unwittingly last year...we could have fed a small army with all the cucumbers and squash alone!

..they have lots of herbs that came back from last year...can you name them? I am no good at gardening..I just reap the rewards of their hard work ;)

Gma Kathy added some marigolds this year to help deter pesky insects from infiltrating the produce...good call!

...and she found some crafty little water globes to plant around the beds to help keep the soil moist...can you find it in the pic below?

...our tomatoes came back from last year too...yeah!'s good to know the princess isn't afraid to get her hands a little dirty...I am assigning her garden duty forever more!

Happy Planting,

May 17, 2010

Happy Birthdays!

Each year on May 17th we get together as a family to celebrate the shared birthday of the my handsome husband and the Little Brat...this year the hubby requested chocolate cake and home-made butter-cream icing...I did my best, and they ate it, so I guess it didn't turn out too awful!

There were many great gifts between the two, but perhaps the most well received one of them all was this here was a shared gift that they opened together...and with the help of Randi's little friend... the packaging hit the floor, Father and Daughter jumped for joy...FISHING RODS!!! Yes, she JUMPED for can see that pony tail swinging! We all know the ole man would like this gift, but the Little Brats excitement exceed our expectations....

She's really looking forward to their next fishing trip....can you say Daddy's Girl?'s OK, I'm not jealous...really...I'm not...hmph

Happy 5 & 45!!!

Happy Trails,

May 15, 2010

Assume the position...

The Little Brat participated in her first ballet recital this weekend! She's really taken to it...I know just about nothing when it comes to ballet, except that they learn various positions for their bodies to contort into. This recital was a consolidation of said positions with music and lots of twirling! I'll do my best to walk you through the this one...the spread eagle...

..and this...the invisible bear hug...

and one of my absolute favorites...the bow-legged-hands-on-hips-like-you-own-it stance...

...but nothing is as classical as this pose...the music box ballerina...

How am I doing? Am I getting any of these positions correct? Oh well, she's the ballerina, not muah...I just sit back and watch as the class takes on their tribute to Superman...up, up, and away!

..and then cover their heads in an ode to Chicken Little...

..and at the conclusion of this phenomenal performance, each of these darlings got a crown befitting a pint size prima ballerina....and the Little Brat just could not wait to share the moment with the preemie ballerina herself, Sophie... was a great family moment....even if I do have no clue what's going on up on that stage! I'm still as proud as a momma could be of the kid.

Happy Twirling!

May 10, 2010

Uncle Travis stopped by...

Uncle Travis stopped by for a quick visit on his way to MERLFEST with Gma's always a pleasure to have him around...the Little Brat just adores him! During this visit, he was introduced to his newest niece and nephew...

...and I do believe little Sophie is going to adore him near as much as her big sister...

Uncle Travis is back in Cali now, but we are looking forward to a return visit real soon!
Happy Travels,
All the little chitlens

May 05, 2010

A little pillow talk...

Krafty-Kate, one of my best good friends since High School, sent me the most adorable hand-made pillows for my punks last week! She's always coming up with special little things like sweet and simple! Sorry Kate, but I am totally thieving this idea from you...

Here is the pillow she made for Sophie...luvin' the pink check!

..and here is CJ's pillow...these teddy bears are priceless!

...and Randi was not forgotten...a pillow to match her quilt...Kate actually made this matching Wrangler quilt for Randi when she was born.

See the Wrangler tag? If I were capable of quilting, I'd have stolen that idea too...but I'm not. Not even close!

The really neat thing about these pillow that Kate sent is that I actually have a very similar pillow that I was given as a young child...

... a tiny little pocket was sewn on the back to hold my baby teeth in waiting for the tooth fairy to come. That gave me an idea! I'll sew pockets on the back of Kate's pillows for the punks to do the same!

...not that they don't already think they are perfect just the way they are...

Thank you Kate!
Leah & The Punks

Long Overdue Fancy Training Update!

It's been a while we I posted an update on Ms. Fancy-Pants! Life got a little busy there for a few months and all the while Fancy's reining education just kept plugging along. Gma Kathy made the trip up to check in on the little lady a couple weeks ago and she's coming along great! Julien returned back to Switzerland, but Billy has picked up where he left off and seems to have taken her to the next level. Billy is a bit more of an aggressive rider than was Julien. She has really blossomed with the extra little bit that Billy expects of the horses he rides...she's got all the necessary moves now (stop, spin, lead change, spin, etc.), and it was great to learn she is in the bridle now. She was in the snaffle at our last visit. Here are a couple pics of Billy taking her for a spin...

She's growing up! She's really filled out and is very strong. Working 6 days a week for over a year does that! Speaking of being in training, I've decided to bring her home for a while. She's come along so well now and has a good grasp of all the basics. I want to give her a little break to just be a family horse and get some random mileage on her around the farm, on the trails, and at some local shows...I'm sure she's ready for the vacation and I'm ready to have a horse to putz around on!

Gma Kathy is headed up this weekend to get one final lesson on her and then haul her home for me...I can't leave the punks for that long at a time yet, but Gma Kathy has promised to tape everything so I'll have some video to post next week...stay tuned!

Happy Trails,