February 27, 2012

Her First Lost Tooth.....

The Little Brat lost her first tooth today at the age of 6 years and 10 months.....she's one of the last in her 1st grade class to lose a tooth....it fell out at school, which broke her Daddy's heart. He was anticipating a manual extraction. Oh well, he has 19 more opportunities for that! Randi was ecstatic to finally have it come out, and proudly shows off her little gap above.

When I picked her up from school, she had a small plastic treasure chest on a string hanging around her neck. They have little containers in the nurse's office for just this type of a situation. How cool is that??!!!

We placed her pearly white in a little heart shaped pillow overnight and lo-and-behold, the Tooth Fairy left her a crispy dollar bill in exchange! That's a pretty good rate for such a tiny baby tooth, IMHO. She was very pleased.

This rite of passage left me in a more melancholy state...my first born lost her first tooth! She’s loosing her baby teeth! My little girl isn’t a baby anymore! She is growing up.....she's getting 'adult' teeth.....someone get me a tissue! I can't go on.....

February 20, 2012

Snowmagedon 2012......


Apparently this is all the snowfall we are going to get this winter, so let the snow man building begin!

....my little snow bunnies got to go sledding for the first time under the awesome supervision of their big sis!

Then, it was time for a maiden voyage on their own....Sophie wasn't so keen on it all...but she endured.

...and my little man did great as well!

I couldn't let the kids have all the fun though....so we piled on for a family run. We actually made is all the way to the bottom without wiping out!

The Little Brat sure was cutting it up....she'd sled upside down if it were possible!

....Daddy joined in before too long....Can you sense Sophie's excitement??? Weeeeeeee!

CJ is such a cool kid...just kicking back and taking it all in....

I told the Little Brat that if she HAD to eat the snow, it should be up off the ground....we have dogs, you know...and a goat....a goat who loves to urinate at the most opportune times and in the most inopportune places at that (see pic below).

So she grabbed a branch....good girl :)

It was so much fun to see the little ones react to the snow for the first time....it would have been a sad thing if they had to wait until next year to experience it.

Better late than never!

Happy Trails,


February 14, 2012


iLuv my husband....he's given me the most wonderful family a woman could ask for....he's also given me the confidence that comes from knowing I have a partner for life.....throughout the years, I've come to learn the secret of marriage....it's a simple rule, really....some might tell you it's more complicate than that, but they are nutballs...here it is....pay attention!

To keep your marriage blissful,
even when it's tough,
when you're wrong admit it;
when you're right shut up.

You're welcome....

Happy Valentine's Day to all those iLuv!

February 02, 2012

The Island of Misnamed Toys...

A friend of a friend's son is obsessed with whales, so she got him a stuffed whale. Did I mention it's sperm whales, specifically, that he loves? So he named the thing SPERMY. She tried to get him to name it something... ANYTHING... else. So he did. He chose Moby Dick.

I can't say my kids have every been this creative with their toys to date....they might surprise me though....until then, enjoy an adventure into THIS 3-YEAR OLDS Island of Misnamed Toys.....

Happy Trails,