October 25, 2010

Which came first?

I get that question all the time! In this case, it's the egg....

Happy Halloween!

The Little Brat wanted to be a black cat this year.....Eeasy Peasy!




Happy Haunts,


October 20, 2010


We had a showing at the farm this past weekend, so we stepped away for a couple hours to give the potential buyers some time to settle in and get to know the place (keep your fingers crossed!)....we decided to go for a movie and found that Secretariat was playing down the road...I can't tell you exactly why, but I really don't care much for horse movies....it seems that a person , like myself, afflicted with the equine virus would enjoy these films...but I do not....ever since I went to see Black Beauty in my youth, and was disappointed to find the movie was more about the people than the horse...regardless, we wanted a family friendly film to kill a couple hours and Secretariat was majority choice...I have to admit I liked it...although times have not changed much...I still think it was more about the people in the film than the horse...nevertheless, it was sweet...funny thing though...as we were walking out of the theatre I asked the Little Brat what she thought of Big Red....her response was, "I wanted to watch nanny McPhee." Like mother, like daughter!

For my fellow Quarter Horse enthusiasts out there....the Freestyle Reining Champion was recently crowned at the 2010 Quarter Horse Congress....it just so happens to be a Secretariat look-alike...I have to give MAJOR props to the rider who maintains a jockey position for the ENTIRE ride! See for yourself!

Happy Trails,

October 10, 2010

Ginny's Grooming Service...

Ginny Johnson is at the barn 7 days a week and is offering her services in the areas of grooming and lunging for those that would like some assistance! Please contact Ginny directly to for more information...Happy Trails!

October 05, 2010

From Blastocysts to Babies: 6 month update!

CJ (left) & Sophie (right)

Sophie Rose
6 months old
Height: 27.5" (95%)
Weight: 17lb (75%)

Codie James
6 months old
Height: 28" (90%)
Weight: 18.2lb (70%)

The boy loves to kick!

(You should the see the mess he makes in the bathtub)

It's hard to believe we've come this far already....here is the VERY FIRST PICTURE I have of Sophie and CJ @ just 5 days post-conception. Gotta love technology these days!

The Little Brat has proven to be THE best big sister in the world...although still a tad partial to Ms. Sophie, she has enthusiastically taken over many helpful duties and responsibilities since the punks have arrived...diaper rolling and tossing expert, binky replacement technician, giggle inducer, you name it- she does it! ...and I do believe they are quite infatuated with her.

Happy Babies!


Cereal Torture!

It's that time of their life....when baby cereal becomes more than just "Daddy's favorite breakfast"...yes, it's true. Sophie appeared enthusiastic about the event...she was all smiles from the start!

...and met the spoon with open anticipation of the yummy wonder that awaited her...

..so maybe it wasn't as delicious as she had hoped....

...she still handled it like the little champ she is.

CJ, on the other hand....he expressed his indifference from the get go.

Lordsy Mercy, someone come rescue him from the dread of being fed baby cereal! You'd think we were forcing frogs down the little guys throat...

ohhh, the misery!

This would be the first gag....the first of many.

..I don't know...maybe it does taste like frogs?

...day 3 and his cereal satisfaction level hasn't improved very much yet, though they are both getting it down....their pediatrician says to mix some apple juice in....maybe that will help. Poor, poor tortured children! Growing up stinks...
Happy Meals,

October 03, 2010

Fare thee well, my fair summer....

...I refuse to acknowledge the fact we are close to drowning out here as the temps drop and the summer firmly and decisively comes to an end! Instead, I made use of the sunny skies that greeted us on Saturday, even if for only a short time, and captured some long overdue pictures of our 2 and 4-legged friends! Enjoy!

In other news, the punks turned 6 months old over the weekend! I captured their hilarious, and somewhat disgusting reactions to their first bowls of baby cereal...We also made the annual trek to the Va State Fair! More pics to follow.....

Happy Trails,


Houdini is a 4 year old Draft cross owned by one of our boarders, Rhonda. Rhonda and Houdini make quite the fancy Dressage team...on this day, I got to capture some of their conditioning on film...Rhonda is also teaching Houdini how to jump!

Happy Trails,


Gabe is a young Draft cross who is owned by one of our boarders, Corrie. Corrie enjoys riding Dressage and teaching Gabe the ins and outs of the discipline. Corrie leases Gabe out part-time to a woman named Ginny...you'll fond more about Ginny below....

Gabe loves attention...I had a hard time keeping him away from me long enough to take his pic!

...but then he saw Blue-dog....Gabe appears to dislike dogs, and takes to chasing Blue-dog out of his pasture stat!

First, he warns him with a "If you don't get outa here buddy....POW! Right in the kisser!)...but Blue-dog didn't pick up what he was laying down....

So Gabe had to lay the smack down...

...and put on quite the show doing it!

"THERE you pesky dog.....and STAY OUT!"

Corrie and Ginny team up to work with Gabe....

Ginny takes warm-up duty....

..and then Corrie hops up for a ride...

I think they make a great little team....that's one lucky horse!

Happy Trails,