January 25, 2010

Twice Upon a TIme...7 months!

It seems that time is just flying by these days! I've reached the 7 month mark in this twin pregnancy and it seems like we only started this venture just yesterday! I have been experiencing a few tell-tale signs that I am getting further along now though...My belly has reached it's max 'stretching point'...I measure about the same as I did when Randi was born. The result, is that my belly feels like it is covered with a really bad sunburn. It burns and itches and any friction against it is just about as un-nerving as you can imagine! The doctor tells me it's the result of the skin stretching...and stretching, and stretching, and stretching...sigh...I suppose that means the burn is not going away anytime soon! I have been fortunate not to endure illness or swelling or a multitude of other pregnancy related ailments, however, I have been reaching the limit of my endurance more and more frequently as of late...my body is feeling the strain of carrying these punks around, and it's letting me know! My nights have become restless as I toss from side to side...pressure points I never knew I had are emerging and my sciatic nerve taunts me in the wee hours of the day...I'm starting to think about moving to LB's bedroom so JR can get some rest...he can't help but be startled awake as my whale of a belly heaves left and right throughout the night! Poor guy....
7 months and counting...

Here are the punks glamour shots at 7 months as well...they are happy, healthy, and more active than ever! I could sit and just watch my belly roll around for hours...these two are CONSTANTLY moving! Not the subtle moves and precious little kicks I recall from my first pregnancy either...I am talking full out olympic level gymnastics in there...it's a sight to behold!...and freakish too.

7 Months

~Sophie Rose~

2.5 lbs

~Codie James~

2.9 lbs

Happy Families,


These hands...

  • LB: Mommy, your hands look like Gma Kathy's hands.
  • Me: Really? How so?
  • LB: You know, old.

She may be graduating from "Little Brat" to "Big-Giant-Meany-Jumbo-Brat" in the very near future! Punk.

No, I'm NOT posting a pic. Hmph.

Happy Aging,


January 24, 2010

Our Supersonic San Diego Visit!

The Little Brat and I said "Heck with this Virginia cooooooooooold..." and headed to San Diego for a whirlwind visit with an old Marine Corps friend of mine, Michelle, last weekend....we flew out on Friday, spent Saturday at Sea World with her and her girls, Micaela & Maycee, Sunday at the Zoo, and flew back home Monday....the trip went smoothly, but I think we all about hit our max level of endurance during the trip! We tipped the fun meter into the red, that's for sure!

Here is my gorgeous friend, and former Marine, Michelle! Looking beautimus as ever...

This is Michelle's eldest daughter, Micaela, and my God-daughter. I only get to see her about once every several years because of our geographical separation and all...she is growing into such a lovely young lady!

Here is Micaela with her little sis, Maycee....Maycee looks so much like her Ma it is a bit freaky! SUCH a cutie!

Our first stop, SEAWORLD! This was my favorite part of the trip...the girls wasted no time in diving into the festivities...
We saw dolphins....


..and sea lions too!

This unlikely duo are star crossed lovers...Personally, I think Miz. Byrd is just using the big fella for his access to fish, but that's just my humble opinion...

...and speaking of fish, LB got to feed the sea lions some slimy little fish too! She didn't hesitate to grab them and start tossing...the smell was horrendous! Thank you, Seaworld. Not even the hand washing station REALLY made that stank go away....

But it was worth it...aren't they sweet?

I got the girls to sit down for the moment and give the ole pregnant woman a moment to catch her breathe...I disguised it as a picture taking opportunity....

From the sea lions, we made our way to the Shamu Show...this was by far the treat of the day...the animals were AMAZING!

...and the trainers have all my respect...I thought training a horse was challenging at times...I can't imagine the process it takes to train an animal like this...

...as we watched the show, I couldn't help but get this shot of Ma and Maycee in profile...see what I mean? She spit out her carbon copy! Freaky....

After the Shamu show, we moved on to the sharks..we went down into a tunnel and walked right under them...their teeth were intimidating, to say the least!

..so we stopped at this Great White Shark display on our way out and got a pic of the girls...I imagine they would look like guppies to this great white!

..and then we went to lunch at a VIP event where the whales from the Shamu show were brought right up to our dining area...the girls really got a kick out of this...they got about an hour of almost 1-on-1 time with the 'Shamus'!

Then, it was on to a pet show...yes, they have dogs and cats at Seaworld too! The show was great...the entire cast of animals were rescued from local shelters. It was inspiring.

..the tightrope walking cat was especially impressive!

Included with our day pass, were free rides on this huge round skyrocket type thing and the gondolas...we rode this up and had a stunning birds eye view (actually, I'm not sure if birds fly this high...it was really, really, really, really high!) of the park and surrounding areas...the girls loved it!

...but the gondola's proved to be the 'thrill' ride of the day...I was a little unsettled myself even...we were pretty high up there...and the trip over the bay was a bit daunting...it was a loooooong way down, and these gondola thingies aren't all that stable....we just sort of swayed back and forth in the wind...counting our blessings until we were on solid ground again!

Back at Michelle's home, we had a chance to sit down and catch up...the girls took the opportunity to rock out on an old family organ...

They weren't too bad!

....and Michelle's mom brought over this decadent jumbo cupcake for the kids to boot! I think they spent more time dissecting it than eating it though...it was a pretty impressive specimen...at least two types of filling, several different types of icing, cherries, sprinkles...NO topping or filling seemed to be left out!

But enough of the goofing around...on Sunday, we had a Zoo to visit! We opted to start off with the double decker bus ride around the major attractions...it was a good choice, as the most we saw that day ended up being on that tour! Here are some hippos that were actually OUT of the water and sun bathing in plain view...

...and although I was disappointed there were no elephant rides, the elephants were out and very social as we drove by...

This California Condor was certainly impressive as he stretched out those massive wings!

I don't recall the name of these cute little deer-like creatures...but the lion below thought they were just peachy :)

...her kitty, kitty, kitty!

awwww....I love anything that resembles a horse...the giraffe were just too pretty! Just check out those long eyelashes...born to impress!

There was so much more to see and do, but my camera battery ran out, and soon after, my energy as well...
The girls opted to get done up before we left..the face painters were superb! Of course, their choices in art are telling, aren't they? Sweet Maycee and her butterfly....Demure Miss Micaela and her majestic dolphin....and, well, my little predator.....sigh.

Happy Travels!


January 01, 2010

Wishing you...

It's hard to believe that 2010 is here already! It seems the older I get, the faster time flies! I sure do have a lot of fond memories of ole' 2009 though...I am thankful that technology allows us to capture moments in time to enjoy and share as often as we like...some of my favorite 2009 memories include:
That last announcement takes us directly into 2010 and a shift in focus to what lies ahead...BABIES!!! Sophie Rose and Codie James are expected in 3 months time...to date, we have not done much preparation for their arrival. Truth be told, we've done ZERO preparation! Consider it my New Year's resolution to get my booty in gear! So, being that today is the first day of the new year, I decided to set out to purchase the punks first set of onsies...these are officially our first BABY items purchased, atop a list of many many many more to come...they are so tiny, I can hardly believe the Little Brat was every this small...

...and buying for a boy? This is completely new to me...but I think I can get used to it...the cuteness is overwhelming!

...our car seats and stroller are (once we actually get them) going to be a black and white base...so when I saw this lady-bug pattern blanket set at Target I just had to scoop them up! No luck finding a Codie equivalent, so I bought him another sleeper to make up for it ;)

Here is a picture of the Bumbleride stroller that I am just GAGA over! It's pricey, so I'm saving my pennies...I ran into a young mother of twins just the other day and she was pushing her darling girls in one...she let me try it out! It was LIGHT, EASY to maneuver, and STURDY...it has adapters for the infant car seats too! I'm sold...Can't wait to bring it home.....and since I'm in the baby preparation mood today, I decided to start a registry at Target to list some of the essentials we are going to need after these punks arrive...a friend of mine asked that I register so she can organize a baby shower for us, but I'm not sold on the idea...after all, this is our second pregnancy...I always thought you only held a shower for your first born...what are your thoughts? ...I opted to do one for JR and I to better focus on and budget for our needs...it made it real simple to print off our 'must haves' and how much we need to budget for them btwn now and D-Day...
All in all, 2010 has a lot of new adventure in store for us...besides the arrival of Sophie and Codie, we plan on completing a couple more large projects here at Westwood and then putting it up for sale....our goal will be do downsize somewhat in an attempt to transfer some of the time we currently spend on 'farm' stuff to time we want to be spending on 'family' stuff...The Little Brat will be adding formal riding lessons to her activity schedule as well...this, plus the fair weather horse shows are sure to keep us very busy while juggling the punks...The Little Brat also starts Kindergarten this year....my oh my does the year ahead pack some punches!
....but, I'm not skeered....bring it on 2010!
Happy New Years!