April 26, 2010

I'm not a 'Family Car' kinda gal...

...So when we made the decision to increase my punk hauling capacity, another truck was my primary focus. Since I already drive a Dodge 3500 Extended Cab Dually 4x4, the only real step UP from that is the CREW CAB! And my oh my, have they come a long way since I purchased my green monster 10 years ago...After making a stop by the local Dodge dealership to check out what they had on the lot, we realized they don't keep many of my kinda beasts in inventory...so, I made a list of exactly what I wanted in my multi-baby transit vehicle and put it on order...I decided against getting another dually, because it was annoying not to be able to take it through a car wash...and a big truck takes a LONG time to wash by hand...trust me! I also opted against another manual transmission...I've served my time! The crew cab offers more than enough space for 3 car seats in the rear and it is also the 2010 Motor Trend Truck of the Year!

She'll be here in 8 weeks. so now all I need to do is sell the green monster...anyone in the market for a very well maintained hauling machine? Drop me a line! Best offer over 5K takes her home (that's what I'll get for trade-in)!

Happy Hauling,

A little facelift...

The old farmhouse got a bit of a face lift this spring, courtesy of Regal Home Improvement. New siding, new paint on the doors and windows, new storm windows, and new windows on the rear of the house make for a very happy (and much less drafty) home! It was all well overdue, and will hopefully be the POW we are looking for to secure Westwood's future owner at 'first glance'....what do you think?

BEFORE (there is more wood showing on the siding than paint!) :

AFTER (LOVE the 'fish scales' on the top peak!):

I would have liked to top it off with a nice black tin roof, but the budget did not agree....doggonit!We have yet to install a new storm door on the front, and add some more curb appeal with colorful flowers...we are officially listing the first week of May...hoping it won't take more than a year to sell, as we are in tight quarters with the twins on board now!
Happy Home Improvement!

Breastfeeding be d@mned!

Sorry punks...2+ weeks of breastfeeding the both of you and I am throwing in the towel! It's just not humanly possible to sustain both your lives, as well as my own, on this ridiculous schedule...I haven't even had a moment 'extra' time to begin pumping and storing milk for your sitter yet...I could literally sit in this chair all day and night nursing the two of you...it's just not right...as a compromise, I decided I would switch Sophie to formula and continue breast feeding CJ since he had a cold (courtesy MWH) and seemed to me most 'in need' of the precious drops of my liquid essence. Then, after a few days, that became a lost cause as well...so, I'm done....and you both seem very happy and fulfilled on the formula, so let's call it a win-win, whatdayasay?

Thanks punks, I knew you'd understand.


One of my favorite things...

From time to time we stumble upon special little things that make our life more wonderful and complete.....before these special little things come into our lives, we are just plowing thru life, oblivious to their wonders and utility.....and once we have found a special little thing, our lives are never the same again....

Case in point: The Binky!

Let me explain...because I have never been a big proponent of the pesky pacifier, until now. I never even considered using one with my first born. Twins, however.....twins have a way of turning your world upside down, and showing you life from a different perspective. Especially twins with oral fixations that date back to the WOMB...just look at Sophie rooting...it's not a yawn, I assure you...she came out looking for boob, and has not stopped since! CJ is not much different...

It began the day they were born. I would nurse nurse, burp and repeat...the whole process could take up to an hour, including diaper changes...about 30-45 min later, or as soon as they would awake from their food coma rooting, so we'd start the process again...it seemed that if they were awake, they were rooting...which meant they were hungry, right? Then, I started to notice feeding times shorten and spit-up occurring more often...I realized that rooting does not always mean they are hungry....they actually do it in their sleep or will continue to suckle even after they've fallen asleep! A sure recipe for massive amounts of slimy spit-up when you sit them up, btw...

Enter the 'Binky'...some wise soul at one of our baby showers tossed a couple into their gift for good measure. I had placed them in the 'toy box' for Randi to share with her baby dolls with no intent to actually use them...little did I know I would eventually want them- NEED them very badly! Mommy giveth, and mommy taketh away ;) I started using the 'binky' to pacify one as I was feeding the other...they are nearly on the same feeding schedule, and neither like to wait...the 'binky' has also proven helpful when they start getting restless that last 30-45 min prior to their next feeding during the day(they are eating every 2 hrs during the day and every 2-4 hrs overnight)...at night, the 'binky' also helps settle them after a feeding, which means sleep comes sooner...for us ALL!!!

What I am trying to say here is that I am a changed woman! Gone are the days I scoffed at the 'binky'. The 'binky' to me is TIME, PEACE, QUIET, and ultimately SANITY!

Thank you 'binky', thank you. I'm sorry I ever doubted you...

Happy Trails,

April 15, 2010

A Spring Break Dry-Run...

Spring Break came and went like the wind this year! This was the first year we have technically recognized 'spring break' as family unit...with the Little Brat headed to Kindergarten this fall, I figured it would be a good idea to do a dry run...in the coming years, I suspect spring break will include a family vacation of some sort...for this 'practice' year, we just hung around the house...top of the agenda, was SLEEP!

LB got plenty of it...

Sophie got plenty of it...

CJ got plenty of it...

...CJ seems to really enjoy his sleep, actually...

...and note there are no pics of mommy and daddy napping...somehow I came up on the 'sleep deprived' list...could have something to do with having two brand new infants in the house....and daddy had 'spring chores' to get done! Mainly, he took to painting, and scraping all the windows on the house in preparation for the installation of our new storm windows in the coming week(s)...here's my view of my handsome man hard at work outside my cell, I mean nursery...

While daddy was hard at work outside, I was hard at work assimilating the punks to their new living arrangements, eat/sleep/poop/pee schedule, and grooming standards....they've been excellent pupils and are on track on all fronts...they especially liked their grooming lesson...aka- First Bath...it put CJ to sleep...like everything else!
Sophie, on the other hand, was not quite sure what to think...happy? confused? startled? Can you name that face?

There was a mighty little storm blowing through one day, so daddy took the opportunity to get a little kite flying in with the Little Brat....I am not sure who had more fun!

The view from my cell, I mean nursery was a comical one...the two of them out there frolicking around in 30+ mph winds...when they came back in they were exhausted! Then, we got to watch the rain and thunder roll over...very cool...it was in and out in less than 10 minutes...I just love those quickie storms....just wish we had a porch to watch them from....all good things in time!

Daddy and LB did spend some time with mommy and the punks...here they are getting some quality girl time in...

...and LB has proven to be a super bottle-feeder and diaper-thrower-awayer along with many other important big sister duties...this girl is baby crazy! Twice this week she got up to go to the bathroom and stopped by their crib to 'check' on them late at night...she has really taken to the role of bib sis like a duck to water...

...and when I have a free hand, I have enjoyed capturing some great pics of the family, and more specifically the punks, and even more specifically, their PIGGIES! Lord have mercy, have you EVER seem more edible, pinchable, kissable piggies in your life?

I just loooooooooove me some piggies...

Outstretched piggies? Even better! baby ankles come a close second in crazy cuteness to baby piggies...

...but I digress...
I'd have to say that our Spring Break dry run was a complete success...fun, family, and even a little home improvement to boot...life is good.
Happy Trails,

April 07, 2010

Twice Upon a Time...our birth story

Welcome to the family Sophie Rose and Codie James! Your mommy, sisters, brother and I are all so happy to finally get to meet you!

(mommy and daddy resting up for your big arrival!)

I bet since you were born on April Fool’s Day that you both were thinking that you were playing a good practical joke on mommy and daddy? Well guess what? The joke was actually on you…hahahaha… you didn’t realize how great you had it in momma’s tummy all nice and comfy. I think you found out pretty quickly that the world outside is a little noisy and uncomfortable compared to where you came from. Well, maybe you did know that? The term for twins is 36 weeks and you showed no signs of wanting to come out at 36 or 37 weeks. I really think you would have stayed in there as long as possible. I really can’t blame you.

But the doctor thought it be best to get you out of your “happy place”. You both were healthy and ready; mommy was healthy and ready; and your room here at home was stocked and ready. All systems were go so on April 1st, 2010 and mommy was induced early in the morning and we began the long day of labor. Ok, so that’s when we found out that you and mommy were quite ready… mommy’s dilation didn’t quite cooperate and we made little to no progress over 6 hours. And Codie, I really think you knew what was up because you kept doing somersaults in the belly. One minute, you’d be head down and in perfect position and the next minute would be sideways or feet down… literally in the 1 minute it took for the doctor to do a quick ultrasound, you flipped. The doctor said she never saw that happen so quickly. So you were either being a little joker or Sophie kept kicking you. We’ve learned with the other kids that it’s usually the kid that you didn’t see get in trouble that caused the trouble in the first place. We’re going to keep an eye on you Ms Sophie. Anyways, with all the antics, it didn’t take long before the doctor decided your gymnastics added a little bit of risk to the natural delivery way of doing things and mommy was scheduled with a C-section.

Once the decision was made, it all happened way to quickly. All I remember was that I was told to move all of mommy’s stuff to a new room and put some really cool looking scrubs on! When they called me into the delivery room, it was like walking into an auditorium and being back stage at a rock concert. There were people all over the place. Because you were twins being delivered, two sets of doctors and nurses from each department in the hospital had to be there. It definitely was standing room only! I barely made it over to mommy and the doctor pulled Sophie out! The girl came first! Ok so that figures… sorry Codie but the ladies rule the roost in this family… it was in the fine print of your contract to come into our family so deal with it. Your delivery time came about 30 seconds after Sophie. Birth order doesn’t really matter because you both were super healthy. A set of nurses for each of you, whisked you away to get cleaned up. Sophie, you were 20” and 6.5 lbs at birth and Codie you were 19.5” and 6.2 lbs.

Of course, I may be biased because you are my kids. Or maybe it’s because you weren’t all scrunched or mashed from natural delivery. But I do have to say that you are two of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! Mommy, Randi, Tyler, Kaiti and I all welcome you and can promise you a lifetime of fun and love! Its time to get this party started!!!


April 04, 2010

Introducing Sophie and CJ Roehl...

...aka The Punks!

Born on April 1st, 2010.

Sophie Rose (left below) weighed in at 6 lb 5 oz and 20" long.

Codie James (right below) weighed in at 6 lb 2 oz and 19.5" long.

Upon our departure from the hospital they had each dropped about a half pound are heavy fivers now....we were discharged Sunday afternoon and are settling in back at home...Boy, do I miss that auto-lift hospital bed! We also seemed to have brought back more than the punks from the hospital...Randi, JR and I all have pretty nasty colds now too... we are coughing, sneezing, phlemy messes...and let me tell you, there is nothing more pleasant than coughing your lungs out after significant abdominal surgery!

Here are a few pics of the punks....thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!
Happy Families,
The Roehls