September 25, 2011

Rodeo Results!

Before I break down the excitement of our action packed rodeo weekend, I wanted to wish Jesse a Happy Birthday! Here's to many more, good friend!

The Little Brat and I headed out this past Friday for the 2011 Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo....we got to the barn pretty late, and by the time we got checked in and settled into our hotel it was close to 11pm....I would have liked to have taken pics of our "fancy shmancy" (note sarcastic tone here)hotel room for you, but I had to conserve my camera battery due to my negligence in charging it up before we left....let's just say the LB about summed it up in one word: was so bad that I just HAD to stay there in order to experience what might very well be the standard of living most persons in 3rd world countries must endure....on the bright side, we did have running water in the ran from the sink, the toilet, and the shower all night! Thank you for the memories, "Excruciatingly Low Budget Inn". It was just a place to lay our heads the crack of dawn we got decked out in our rodeo best and headed to the show grounds....UHA had several members ride in the Grand Entry...I opted to save our energy for the race so we could watch the opening events....the ceremonies were fantastic!

LB even got to participate....this was her very first rodeo, and she was STOKED about the Muttin' Bustin' competition....for those of you unfamiliar with this event, this is where small children (future bull and bronc riders) mount sheep like the big guys and attempt to stay on board for 8 full seconds....for the most part, the activity goes off without a she is waiting her turn.

...but then there's my kid...genetically predisposed to the laws of Murphy.......the ONLY child in the event to get fallen on and trampled....yep...that's my girl! There was no getting her back on for a second ride....oh well, maybe next year! Don't blink...the 'event' happens quickly....the follow up whimpering and sulking lasted much much much much longer.....

The relay race occurs towards the end of the rodeo just before the bull's my team running our 1st go...I am the fourth rider (at the end) on the little sorrel (Foxtail)....he ran his heart out for me....

...and here's our second go...much quicker than the first, but not quite fast enough to win it this year....

All in all LB and I had a GREAT time at the rodeo....the UHA members know how to throw a party and ensured our belly's were kept fully loaded....thank you to everyone involved, and especially to Marcus for loaning me your spunky little man, Foxtail! Looking forward to next year....

Happy Trails,


September 22, 2011

Headed to the Rodeo!!!

Where: The Show Place Arena and Prince George's Equestrian Center
14900 Pennsylvania Ave
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

When: September 23 & 24 (Fri/Sat), 2011

I've been at every practice, so I suppose that means I am as prepared as I am going to be! I am riding with the United Horseman's Association in the relay race which follows the barrel racing event ON SATURDAY this weekend…it's a good time if you'd like to stop by! If you go, give me a call when you get on the grounds so we can touch base: 540-841-7868.

If you can't go, stay tuned for pics and video!

Happy Trails!

September 21, 2011

September 16, 2011

Twice Upon A Time....Brushing!

The punks have been interested in brushing their own teeth lately...they love toothpaste way too much though...they'd eat it for breakfast if I let them! My favorite part is when they fake spit into the sink....LOL

Happy Teeth!


September 11, 2011

An Anniversary I wish we could forget....

....if only it had never happened.

10 years ago I was at a conference on the Quantico Marine Corps Base. On break, word started to spread of the tragedy that was more information became available to us, we learned that the base was closing their gates in preparation for potential terrorist activity....I got in my truck and went home where I spent the rest of the day following the news.....

My heart aches for all those that were lost, injured, or lost loved ones on this fateful day just 10 years ago...

Where were you?

*STUNNING* Professionally Trained All-Around QH FOR SALE

Randi & Fancy entered their first show this past weekend together and came home with two blues and a division championship! Here are some pics....and new video clips can be found at the bottom of this post...enjoy!

After a good amount of thought and consideration, we've decided to offer Fancy for sale. We've decided to focus on our local Pony of America (POA) club, which is very kid-centric and family such, we will be purchasing 1-2 POAs for the punks over the next year and focusing on them solely...that means Fancy is not going to be getting the time and attention she deserves...

2006 AQHA Mare
14.1 Hands
Sire: Silks Shining Spark be Shining Spark
Dan: Lineage includes Blair Cee, Hollywood Jac 86

Asking: $5500k/obo

"Fancy" was purchased as a long yearling with some basic handling. Since her arrival, she has proven to be a real sweetheart of a mare, and a pure joy to work with. I completed all her initial training and ground work in 2008 before sending her to Multiple World Champion Reining Trainer Bob Laporta in 2009. She spent a year there under his tutelage before coming home a more mature and finished performance horse (over 10k in training expenses!). Her training progress was well documented on video and is available on youtube for viewing (in addition to the links provided below). Just search for my user id: leahroehl

Although reining is Fancy's forte', I spent the year following her training working on western pleasure, trail, showmanship, and hunter pleasure. I showed her to several championships in all of these classes at her very first show!

As if that didn't make her well rounded enough, I have made several trip to Wingreen to play on their cross country course. She has willingly jumped or conquered everything I've pointed her at....water, logs, ditches, up hills and over rails, you name it! She has the mind, disposition and movement to be one of the special few you can pull out of her stall and do whatever you want to do that day.

Oh! Did I mention the miles I've put on her at team pennings and ponying my daughter down the Lake Anna trails? You'd be hard pressed to find another large pony/small QH with this type of mileage, training, and experience.

This past year Fancy has been leased to a local family for 4-H and Hunter Shows (competing int he LARGE PONY division). She's carried 2 young girls through hunter pleasure and equitation classes with considerable success....they have also hauled her to 4-H horse camp! She is headed to the 4-H State Horse Show and one last Whitestone Farm show this month before she comes back home for the winter....these added miles have been a great validation of her ability to adapt to any level rider and any discipline...

Need I even mention how gorgeous this mare is? She'll get you noticed no matter where you go or what you are doing....her sorrel coat shines like a copper penny and her long flaxen forelock, mane, and tail qualify her for every little girls DREAM PONY!

Considering the similarities between reining and dressage, I would venture to say she could easily transition into that arena as well as eventing with the right rider willing to put a little time into her...

Here are some pics of Fancy over the past few years.....I've also included the links to a couple video clips as video will be taken before winter. Please call or email for an appointment to meet this exceptional horse!

Packing a 6 yr old (Oct 2011):

Working Left (Oct 2011):

Working Right (Oct 2011):

Spin Oct 2001):

Lead Change:

Loping Circles:

Happy Trails,

September 07, 2011

Happy Anniversay, eBay....

Yes, it's true....eBay and I have been an 'item' for 13 years and through 3 different user IDs (K-Bar Ranch, The Funny Farm, & Westwood Horse Center! Do your research and a little math and you will note that eBay and I join in holy matrimony less than a year after it was's that for a success story in long term commitment? Back in the beginning, I can recall browsing the entire EQUESTRIAN category in an, it would take closer to days!

Although eBay started as a place for founder, Pierre Omidyar, to trade Pez dispensers it grew it became an online mall for many full blown businesses. When I was stationed in HI with limited access to equestrian tack and apparel, I decided to check out eBay. Sure enough, I was able to find inexpensive new and used items to FILL my tack room and closet!

Since then I've branched out a bit more to buying and selling just about anything that I find myself in dire need of acquiring or liquidating....I've bought and sold items for friends and family as well...and in all these years, I've only had one ill fated experience...not a bad track record for such a long relationship, eh?

Just this week I was searching eBay for a set of items to build my 6 yr old's first tea party set...I wanted to go a little vintage and mimic the "Alice in Wonderland" feel as much as possible...I found this adorable Mushroom Table & Chairs at one of my favorite shops, The Gunk Gypsy...

I LOVED the vintage tea set shown above, so I found something very similar on eBay...

...and added some Hazel Atlas tea cups for the Little Brat and her guests...

Now I get to watch the mail until my fabulous little treasures arrive....this could be arguably the most exciting element of ebay'ing....the anticipation...the eagerness....the DELIVERY!

Thank you, eBay, for so many years of great finds and great fun! Here's to many, many, more....

Happy Bidding,

September 06, 2011

Twice Upon A Time....Bath Time!

I have so many memorable moments with my punks each and every day...and there are so many cute, endearing, disgusting, nasty, unbelievable, and amazing things that I'd like to share with you! This is one of the reasons I love to blog...I can share all our shameless happenings with our family and friends day in and day out...aren't you lucky??? LOL

I'll spare you the gross and share with you a fun event in our weekly routine....It doesn't seem like that long ago that the punks were floppy-rolly-pollys who had to be hand bathed in this look at em'!

Lordsy Mercy....where does the time go?

Happy Families,

UHA Relay Practice #2

Following on the heels of our first practice, we saddled up to scale back on speed (we appear to have plenty of that) and focus on some technical was a HOT one today though....even Fiddle, who is normally all up in your cool-aid, kept herself cool in whatever shade she could find...

..and the Little Brat came out this time around for some saddle time....the mare I am riding is a bit pissy about having to work so close to another horse (which is a mandatory thang in the relay to get our handoffs made), so LB and Bo helped us out by sticking close by while the ole' mare dealt with it...

Once my mare seemed to get over her proximity issues, I turned LB loose to get some individual practice time in...she really enjoys it when we have other riders in the arena!

..and then it was time to get down to business....Jesse stepped in to offer some tips and tricks of the trade...

..and then we did lots of hand holding....literally!

If we can get our horses to gallop around close enough for us to hold hands, then our handoffs will be a breeze!

I got a clip of our handoffs today....note we're not going as fast as we will be in the rodeo...our handoffs are looking great though!

Happy Trails,