June 03, 2012

Update on Ms. B!

Got btwn 7-10 rides on her now, depending on whether you consider bareback strolls around the property a 'ride' or not.....she is coming along well moving forward at the walk and trot...she is also leg yielding as well (sidepass, pivot on the haunches, pivot on the forehand)...here's a clip of us under saddle yesterday:
Here is a clip of her getting her harness on...note that her first direction was a bit smoother than the second...so far the most resistance I get from her is when her and I have a disagreement as to who is actually in charge of ending the workout....she likes it to be her, and this just illustrates me working her thru that....such a Diva! Her, not me...OK, maybe me too...enjoy:
Finally, this is CJ getting some practice in for his leadline debut on Ms. B at our next ODPOAC show June 16.17!
Stay tuned for another update at about 30 rides! Should have a good amount of progress to report at that time!
Happy Trails,