October 14, 2012

Randi's new 'Pal'...

We did it! Our year long search for a pony for Randi has ended...ironically, it ended exactly where we started a year ago - with Pal! Pal was the first pony we tried as we kicked off our search for her perfect match....alas, the time and circumstances just weren't right to make the deal....so we kept looking, and kept trying, and ultimately kept SPENDING money on ponies that were not working out....imagine my surprise when I contacted Pal's owner, certain he would have sold by now, only to find out that he was still available, and they wanted us to come get him right away!!! All good things in time...it turns out he had sold, but that sale did not go thru when the buyer ended up getting cold feet a few weeks after getting him home....I have to believe fate played a large part in this whole experience, because WE COULD NOT BE HAPPIER WITH PAL! See for yourself...

When she isn't paying attention, Sophie and I take him for a spin too ;)

Consider Randi's pony plate FULL...he has the knowledge and experience to be anything she ever needs...he has a forever home with us! Stay tuned as they learn to work together in preparation for the 2012 POAC show season as well as enjoy some good ole' trail rides and parade fun too!

Happy Trails,