October 24, 2008

Living Room Remodel: IT'S DONE!!!




Words cannot express the jubilee I experienced when I walked into my once forsaken and pathetic excuse of a living room and found this oasis of country livin'!!!! It is PERFECT...It is WARM...It is everything I wanted and MORE...to catchup on the whatsup, start reading HERE and HERE.

Let's take a little walk down memory lane, shall we? Here is our living room when we bought Westwood... Here is our living room with our own possessions in it...

And finally, here is our living room after a relaxing walk down a warm sandy beach, breeze off the bright blue surf gently blowing thru its' silky hair...Seriously people, IS this the same house? I am pinching myself...it is so cozy and inviting now! Keep in mind that with the exception of the couches and bookshelves, almost every other item in this room Kate 'permanently borrowed' from another area of the house....she did an amazing job of reusing my own goodies in ways I would have never considered! And it WORKS!

Here's another view of the room when we bought the house...

And here is the same view post-Kate...I am speechless! Kate hand made that hanging picture frame doo-hicky...with her OWN hands even!

Here is a view into the living room from the foyer...we'll refer to the foyer hereunto and fortwith as #4 on Kate's ever growing to-do list...
Here is the same view after Kate worked her magic!
Here is an angle of the living room looking out towards the front of the home and out the window. That floral arrangement at the right end of the sofa was also "kustom by kate"...I LOVE it! Notice the window treatment?

You guessed it! "kustom by kate" too! This woman is a walking talking design genius...

Last, but not least....one of the grandest improvements in a sea of remarkable candidates....remember that tired ole mantel? If not, see below...don't look for too long tho, it may burn your retinas out your poor little eyeballs!

Well, here it is NOW....go ahead...drool....you can't have it...Kate made it pretty just for ME!!! MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!!! *bwahahahahaa*
Thanks again to Kate, aka Simply Beautiful Spaces....you have created a monster now, and I can't wait to continue working with you on the rest of the house!!!!!
Lots of love, respect, and appreciation,


Simply Beautiful Spaces said...

Leah, It was truly my pleasure! I have so much fun with creative processes and making each home unique to the family! Your home is especially a joy since we have such similar tastes - I really look forward to working each room of your home!

Enjoy, God's Blessings and Love!